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10 November 2020 - 17 November 2020

Ennovy Equilibria Toric contact lenses: 3-monthly soft toric contact lens from Mark Ennovy. 

Ennovy Equilibria Toric is a new and revolutionary back surface toric lens specifically designed for PC users. A perfect combination of material and design provides the wearer with stable vision and outstanding natural comfort throughout the day.

To reinforce the excellent vision and ocular health, Equilibria is a 3-monthly replacement lens, uniquely packaged in sets of 2 lenses per eye.

Recommended for:
• PC Users.
• Patients with sensitive and/or dry eyes
• Corneal astigmatism
• Pure astigmatism when associated with spherical ametropia
• High astigmatic ametropia

Delivery time: The delivery time to us is around 2-3 weeks (depends) for these lenses.

 Return policy: This lens is a "made-to-order" lens, it is not possible to cancel the order.  Also, this lens cannot be returned or exchanged.

Hersteller Mark Ennovy
Material Hioxifilcon B
Sauerstoffdurchlässigkeit (Dk/t) Nein
Silikon-Hydrogel Nein
Tag und Nacht Kontaktlinsen Nein
Anzahl Linsen / Paket 2
Mit UV-Schutzfilter Nein
Tragezeit 3 Monate (tägliche Reinigung)
Wassergehalt (%) 41%